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It’s time to change how you think about video

The use of video marketing has exploded and it’s easy to see why. After all, video allows companies to connect with customers in a more effective and personal way. However, companies with small marketing budgets often shy away from adding video to their communication mix because they believe that this might be too costly. Fortunately, […]

Everything is communication

When people think of human communication, they immediately think of written and spoken words. That’s certainly part of it, but humans communicate in so many other ways. A smile can express much more than a formal thank you note. And what a person says can be powerfully contradicted by their body language. After all, everybody […]

Business stock photos: no laughing matter

Business stock photos have become a joke. Even celebrities have gotten in on the act. It’s easy to see why people make fun of them. The sterile business settings and staged situations as well as all those fake smiles simply lend themselves to ridicule. However, to businesses with a limited marketing budget, stock photos are […]

The influencer fail

Ah, the influencer fail. You know one when you see one. The second my eye caught this Brabantia Facebook ad, I knew I had to check out the comments 🙂 And they did not disappoint. About hanging your laundry while maintaining the perfect Lolita pose. About the yeah-right practicality of hanging laundry while snuggling a […]

The real & important difference between a feature and a benefit

“What is the difference between a feature and a benefit anyway?,” a manufacturing product manager asked me recently. His question implied that there is none and that the entire concept is corporate BS invented by smooth-talking communication professionals. Let this no-nonsense communication professional assure you: there is indeed a difference between a feature and a […]