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The real & important difference between a feature and a benefit

“What is the difference between a feature and a benefit anyway?,” a manufacturing product manager asked me recently. His question implied that there is none and that the entire concept is corporate BS invented by smooth-talking communication professionals. Let this no-nonsense communication professional assure you: there is indeed a difference between a feature and a […]

Show, don’t tell

Last week, I attended the breakfast meeting of the local BNI chapter as an invited guest. I am an introvert and definitely not a morning person, so these types of early morning network meetings are very much out of my comfort zone. Luckily, BNI Lokeren Durmestad is a lively and welcoming bunch. Eggs, bacon and […]

Advancing the battle against AMR

Sometimes we get to work on truly meaningful topics, such as communication on antimicrobial resistance. AMR was one of the main issues discussed when Maggie De Block, Belgium’s Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health visited the BD Benelux Experience Center on February 15, 2019. Read the article here (in Dutch): https://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/blvva_04191992  Read the article here (in Dutch): https://www.hln.be/regio/aalst/minister-maggie-de-block-open-vld-op-bezoek-bij-erembodegems-bedrijf-bd~acbf714a/ […]

Just say no to the SEO press release

There is only one good reason to issue a press or news release: when you have actual news to share. Well, um, isn’t that a given? Why would that even merit a blog post? For one, because the frivolous, irrelevant or just plain dumb press release is an age-old problem. They were the bane of […]

From sports to B2B communication, with love

Sports and B2B communication could not be more different. In many ways, sports is the envy of any B2B communication professional. Involved fans who love your brand and who welcome any information you put out there. And they happily spend money on your merchandise. What is not to love? Maybe the more pertinent question is: […]

Yes, you should have an elevator pitch!

Here’s the thing about the elevator pitch: every business absolutely must have one. “One” is the key word here. While many companies don’t have an elevator pitch at all, others have too many. Why you should have an elevator pitch First, let’s figure out why it is so important to have one. The answer is […]

Long-tail keywords: the key to winning SEO

In a previous article, we discussed the importance of showing up on the first page of Google search results. On its face, that seems like an unobtainable goal for all but a few corporate giants. But there is an overlooked way for small and medium-sized companies to “own” a search term.  Take a good look […]