You have a communication strategy to deploy, business goals to meet.

Stop working on tools and creation for a second. How are you doing on communication strategy, return on investment and meeting your business goals? Did you get lost along the way? Do you know how to get started? full.stop is here to help…

  • when the high quality of your product isn’t matched by your communication
  • when your company has undergone a big change and you need your communication to get up to speed
  • when you are a start-up and need a pro to help get your communication going

Ask us about our big.picture team workshops or individual coaching sessions.  We’d love to find your answers together.


Get your communication back on track.



Can you describe your organization without thinking about it? Can you pitch your product in 20 seconds? Is that pitch focused on your customers’ needs? full.stop helps you craft your organizational ID and the messages you need to succeed.


Your customers

Do you know your customers? What makes them (not) buy? What media do they use? What about the other groups that influence your success? full.stop helps you create your stakeholder map.


Your media mix

Are you using the right channels to reach your audience? Have you successfully integrated content marketing? How about social media? full.stop helps you optimize your media mix.


We’ll find your answers together.

1 – Big.picture workshops

We’re in this big.picture together. Our interactive workshops guide you and your team through the 3-step process of mapping out your organizational ID, your stakeholder map and your media mix.
The result: one actionable, easy-to-read worksheet. Of course you can also get the 40-page report. But we really want you to just get going.

2 – Personal coaching sessions

Do you need individual support to optimize your organization’s communication? We offer one-on-one coaching – in person or online. Using the big.picture as your framework and guideline, we personalize our sessions to your priorities.

3 – Placement and management

Our support extends beyond the strategy and advice. We’re always ready to help implement your new communication plan with interim or project management support.

In Belgium (Flanders): KMO-portefeuille

big.picture is the ideal way for small or medium sized companies to professionalize, streamline and boost their communication. However, sometimes training budgets can be limited. full.stop is a KMO-portefeuille registered supplier. This means small or medium sized companies based in Flanders, Belgium can apply for subsidies to complete their big.picture course. For more information on the KMO-portefeuille application process, visit the VLAIO web site.