Make martech work for you

Do you need martech? Absolutely. It is 2017 after all. But how do you know what works best for you? Hint: don’t listen to sales reps.

The dazzling growth of martech

According to ChiefMartec, the martech landscape grew by about 40% this year “to a total of 5,381 solutions (from 4,891 unique companies).” Big data is here to make you more successful and martech can play a critical role in customer insight and engagement.

Making martech work for you

So how do you make sense of thousands of solutions? Your budget and staff resources are important criteria. Assuming you have budget and workload limitations, you will have to choose smart. A good partner, internally or externally, can help guide you through the process. Don’t listen to the sales rep trying to sell you their piece of martech. There are plenty of experts (like us! :)) without a vested interest in selling you a specific technology.  As always, a good understanding of who you are and where you are going, will serve as your guiding light and will help you zero in on what exactly you need.
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