Communication relevance, a necessary requirement

Remember the time when people sat in front of the TV and paid attention to commercials? When you walked into a business meeting and you found five people happy spend the next 30 minutes passively listening to your presentation? Yeah, we don’t either. Nobody has time for that. Enter communication relevance. 

As communication professionals, we have had to shift from trying to persuade customers to trying to influence their decisions. Our stakeholders filter, block, ignore and delete – unless what we provide is relevant to them. That is why relevance is not just one of full.stop’s six criteria of outstanding communication, it is a necessary requirement. Know your audiences. Don’t just list and map them. Gain real insight. What are their goals and challenges? Why are they (not) doing what you want them to do? Only then can you create communication that is relevant to them and pass their spam filters.


Photo: Bert Stephani


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