It is easy to get B2B social media right

It really is. Just choose wisely and commit.

There are a billion social media channels out there. At least that is what it feels like. So which social media are right for you? We get the question all the time. Especially for B2B companies, social media can be intimidating. “Facebook? Is that not too frivolous, unprofessional? How about Twitter? What do we do with that account we have not updated since 2011? Do we share news? We don’t really have all that much. One of our sales people uses LinkedIn all the time. But the rest of us not so much.” In other words, how do you use B2B social media wisely?


What is your (social media) goal?

Instead of asking which social media you should do, ask yourself what you want to do with social media. What are the business goals and challenges you can take on with communication? And how can social media help?  Don’t choose a social media tool because it is new and cool and hip. Choose it because it works for your business. Do you need to start indvidual conversations, establish yourself as a thought leader, spread the word,…? If you know your communication need, you know which type of social media you need.


The Conversation Prism 5.0

One of the visual tools that can help you is the Conversation Prism. First created in 2008 by by Brian Solis and JESS3, the Conversation Prism is a visual map of the social media landscape. Sure, it is a snapshot of an industry in continuous motion, an ever evolving menu. But its categories are a handy reminder of how you can choose your B2B social media wisely. All those logos still look overwhelming. In the end though, it is not about the number of channels you should be using. Instead, it is about reaching and engaging your stakeholders.


B2B social media: commit!

Which B2B social media are right for you? The ones you are actually using. We have all done it. Created a social media account,  out of curiosity or with the most earnest intentions to update regularly,  and then let it sit there. Keep in mind though that every social media presence says something about your business. If it’s there, your stakeholders expect you to use it. So when you pick a social media channel, commit. It’s better to have fewer and to use them consistently than to have many and leave them unused and an audience unserved. Whether it is discipline or a habit or a smart allocation of time and resources (or another trick. Do share!), keep going!

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